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#songoftheday = MICHAEL SWEET: “BIZARRE”

Michael Sweet gave us the distinct impression that his next solo album, One-Sided War, was going to be quite different from Stryper and it really is. (Read our interview here.) For one thing, it's much, much heavier. There are some Stryper songs that verge on this level...
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CATCHING UP, VERSION 1.0: Róisín Murphy, Trick or Treat, Butch Walker, T.O.L.D., Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Ayumi Hamasaki, Hitomi Yaida

by Michael McCarthy, editor/publisher As I mentioned in my letter from the editor, my focus at this point is on interviews, something I think I’m much better at than writing reviews anyway. When I’m not doing interviews I’ll be hard at work writing books; being an author of fiction and non-fiction has always...
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#albumoftheday = VEGA: WHO WE ARE

A lot of recent albums by the heavy metal bands I grew up with have disappointed me.  The latest Def Leppard album, for example.  I’ve listened to that one at least 15 times and it does nothing for me.  I just can’t get into it.  I think it’s their first terrible album, really. ...
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The fans have tirelessly asked for it and now it’s finally happening, the legendary heavy metal band TNT are reuniting with original lead vocalist Tony Harnell. During recent years, TNT has released several albums without Harnell, his replacement vocalist being Tony Mills.  While that material was still better than your average metal, it...
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An Exclusive Interview with David Reece of Bonfire

interview by Michael McCarthy Currently, the lead singer of the famous German heavy metal/melodic rock band Bonfire, David Reece is no stranger to the scene. He first shot to fame in 1989 when he replaced Udo Dirkschneider as the lead singer of another German metal band, Accept. He was only with Accept for...
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There are albums that are difficult to wrap your head around and there are albums that are impossible to wrap your head around. I thought the album Triangle by Switzerland’s Schammasch was going to be the latter after reading the press release, which points out that it’s 100 minutes long, a triple album...
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