The second single from Stryper frontman Michael Sweet’s new solo album One Sided War is called “Radio” and it pokes fun at rockers who think they can just move to Nashville and become country stars.  Starting and ending with banjo, it’s a pretty funny song, especially if you listen to the witty lyrics.  I imagine Michael must be poking fun at himself, too, here, given that he released an album that was more or less country called Real back in 1995 when grunge had temporarily killed heavy metal.  In any case, man, this song shreds.  Guitarist Joel Hoekstra from Whitesnake lends his talents to it and he’s on fire, sounding like a young Zakk Wylde, back when he was Ozzy’s ax slinger.  Equally talented is newcomer Ethan Brosh, who does plenty of solos on Michael’s killer new album One Sided War as well.   Michael set my expectations for Ethan’s playing pretty high when I interviewed him and I have to say that Ethan surpassed them.  What an amazing talent he is.  To quote one of One Sided War’s songs, it’s a little “bizarre” hearing Michael singing with many of the solos supplied by these young cats, but it’s super cool hearing him do something that’s fresh and exciting.   The whole One Sided War album is spectacular.  Michael’s best solo album since Truth in my opinion and arguably the best heavy metal album of the year.  Right up there with Stryper’s Fallen.  Look at it this way: Fallen and One Sided War are both Ben & Jerry’s premium ice cream.  Both are extra “sweet,” but some of the ingredients are different.  So, one day you might want one and another day you might want the other.  But if you’re an ice cream junkie — or, in this case, a heavy metal junkie — then chances are you’re going to enjoy the heck out of both.

Check out One Sided War below and prepare to be blown away:

Currently, my favorite tracks are “Bizarre,” “One Sided War,” “Radio,” “Who Am I” and “Comfort Zone.”

PS:  We will have a new Michael Sweet interview for you soon!







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