#songoftheday = MICHAEL SWEET: “BIZARRE”

Michael Sweet gave us the distinct impression that his next solo album, One-Sided War, was going to be quite different from Stryper and it really is. (Read our interview here.) For one thing, it’s much, much heavier.  There are some Stryper songs that verge on this level of heaviness, absolutely, but I think this is the most ferocious song I’ve ever heard Michael do, solo or with Stryper.  To that end, it’s almost thrash, the way it’s so fast and heavy with screaming guitars and mighty drums blasting away at something like 140 beats per minute.  Then you’ve got the little guitar solos that sound like Zakk Wylde circa Ozzy on top of all of that, which does subtract from the thrash vibe a bit but also injects it with a classic heavy metal sound.  I suppose you could say it’s all over the map.  But it’s a collision metal fans will want to hear, that’s for damn sure. Get ready to bang  your head!



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