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Today’s #songoftheday, “Reach” by Tyketto, was released in late August, but we’re featuring it now on October 14th because their new album of the same name was released today via Frontiers records and in my humble opinion it’s the best album that’s come out during the past couple of weeks.  There have been some great ones — Phantogram and White Lies immediately come to mind — but Reach just shines in every way possible.  You’ve got heaps of energy, loads of virtuosity, and truly inspired and inspiring lyrics.  Vocalist Danny Vaughn always 100% commits to anything he sings with his impressive, powerhouse voice and he doesn’t miss a note on Reach.  There are 12 songs on the album and they’re all stellar.  There isn’t one song you can point to and say that’s filler.  Every one of these tracks could be a single.  I’d say this album is right up there with their flawless debut, Don’t Come Easy.  Tragically, Don’t Come Easy came out during the final days of hair metal and Tyketto was lumped in with those bands, but that never should have happened.  To my ears, they’ve always been a heavier Journey or REO Speedwagon, classic rock bands that are true icons.  It’s still one of those albums I put on and it excites me.  An awful lot of albums from that era did not age well and the new releases by those bands can be horrifying.  Well, Tyketto’s early records have aged like fine wine and I guarantee you that Reach is an album I’ll still put on and get jazzed up about ten years from now.


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