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An Exclusive Interview with Stephen Pearcy of RATT

interview by Michael McCarthy Stephen Pearcy is famous for being the lead singer of the heavy metal band RATT, which has just reunited with plans to do some live dates and, hopefully, a new album. Aside from being the vocalist, Stephen is the one who named the band and founded it and was/is...
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An Exclusive Interview with Michael Clayton Arbeeny of Tyketto

interview by Michael McCarthy Tyketto is one of those bands who debuted in the early ’90’s and happened to be good looking, long-haired guys so they were lumped in with hair bands when in reality they were more like a Journey or Night Ranger or Styx. Of course, there were some similarities to...
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interview by Michael McCarthy Back in 2014 we interviewed Beleth and Exo of Spanish extreme/black metal band Noctem regarding their brutal and mind-blowing album Exilium. Their follow-up album Haeresis was just released in late September and is equally brilliant, jam-packed with shrieked and growled vocals that come at you like a rabid wolf,...
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#songoftheday / album review = TYKETTO: “REACH”

Today's #songoftheday, "Reach" by Tyketto, was released in late August, but we're featuring it now on October 14th because their new album of the same name was released today via Frontiers records and in my humble opinion it's the best album that's come out during the past couple...
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#songoftheday = Hardline: “Take You Home”

"Take You Home" is the new single from Hardline's forthcoming album Human Nature, which drops on October 14th via Frontiers, and boy is it a beauty. One of those primo piano ballads that tugs at your heartstrings the second you start listening to it and doesn't let...
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interview by Michael McCarthy Earlier this year I finally had the opportunity to interview Michael Sweet, lead singer and co-lead guitarist of Stryper, after wanting to interview him for 20 years since I started doing music journalism. During the interview, Michael revealed the probable title of his forthcoming solo album, One Side War....
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