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#songoftheday = CASSIUS: “IBIFORNIA”

"Ibifornia" is the title track from Cassius' first album in ten years, which will be released on June 24th; Ibifornia is an imaginary utopia that they have created on the album with lush, tropical melodies. A place "where the sun rises high and the horses run free,"...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: ZELOOPERZ: BOTHIC

Detroit rapper ZelooperZ — who was born in the 313 and still resides there — is part of Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade.  Interestingly, they connected via Twitter when the 6’7″ ZelooperZ was promoting a mixtape like crazy and Brown took notice.  But before Brown took him into the studio he gave him a proper...
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The name Made of Oak might not ring a bell. You may not even recognize the real name of the man who’s so named himself, Nick Sanborn. But if you’re an electronic pop music fan, or just a fan of electronic music in general, then the name of his full-time gig surely will,...
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#songoftheday / REVIEW: ALXA: “LET GO”

Powerhouse singer/songwriter ALXA might only be 20 years old, but her voice and lyrics have the maturity of Billie Holiday and Nina Simone.  And not just the maturity, that passion and pain both emoted perfectly.  But ALXA is not a jazz singer.  Not exactly.  Likewise, she isn’t a soul or R&B singer, but there are...
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