#songoftheday / REVIEW: ALXA: “LET GO”


Powerhouse singer/songwriter ALXA might only be 20 years old, but her voice and lyrics have the maturity of Billie Holiday and Nina Simone.  And not just the maturity, that passion and pain both emoted perfectly.  But ALXA is not a jazz singer.  Not exactly.  Likewise, she isn’t a soul or R&B singer, but there are shades of that to her voice.  So, just what kind of a singer is she?  A pop singer.  A sure to be iconic one, who seems to split the difference between Adele and Amy Winehouse.  But where Amy and Adele generally avoided electronica and house, ALXA embraces both genres.  Her new single “Let Go” starts off like a gloomy synth ballad, but before long subtle house beats enter the picture, livening things up before the first verse.  By the chorus, it’s something of an uptempo dance song, albeit a dark one.  Interestingly, the dismal, synthesized piano remains in the forefront, louder than the beats, an unusual choice but one that works wonders here, her song remaining melancholic yet not lacking energy.  An instant classic, to be sure.

Alexa photo bw

“Let Go” is taken from ALXA’s forthcoming EP, Lost, soon to drop via THE COMMON SOCIETE.

lost cover






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