#songoftheday = CASSIUS: “IBIFORNIA”

“Ibifornia” is the title track from Cassius’ first album in ten years, which will be released on June 24th; Ibifornia is an imaginary utopia that they have created on the album with lush, tropical melodies.  A place “where the sun rises high and the horses run free,” as the song’s narrator says.  This track in particular sounds like what you might hear while walking through a rain forest with lots of tropical birds protesting your presence.  Or maybe they’re just happy to see you.  In any case, there are lots of birds chirping on this one alongside classic Cassius electro-beats.  It’s the perfect song to put on when you’re just getting your party started and don’t want to hit people with bangers right out of the gate.

Also, check out “Action” featuring The Beastie Boys’ Mike D and Cat Power:






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