#songoftheday / REVIEW: Ckrono & Slesh: “SLANG”

If you’re getting bored with EDM, well, I really couldn’t blame you.  In fact, I am, too.  But today we have a two song EP from Ckrono & Slesh, a duo hailing from Florence, Italy, and it’s a stimulating blend of kudoro (something I’d never heard of before), Afro-house, funk, dub and even a bit of ’90’s house music.  “Slang,” my favorite of the two tracks, even reminds me of early techno with its pitter patter percussion and simple but potent beats.  Listening to it brings back memories of zoning out to early Technomancer CDs.  Just like “Slang,” the vocals were quite minimal.  Just looped enough to stick inside your head and give you something else to get hooked on.  If I had to describe the song with one word it would definitely be hypnotic.  I’m listening to it on repeat as I write this and I’m finding it difficult to get the words out because it’s wormed its way inside my head and it’s making me space out.  Perfect music for when you want to dance and get lost in it.  Or feel like you’re going on a trip.

The duo are signed to Lisbon based label Enchufada.

Tour Dates

NOV 13 – Squealing Pig, Boston (US)
NOV 14 – Good Life, Boston (US)
NOV 20 – Pimp Club, San Luis Potosi (MX)
NOV 27 – La Mina de Roma, Tultitlan (MX)
NOV 28 – Cassette Blog Anniversary, Mexico City (MX)



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