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An Exclusive Interview with Nathassia

interview by Michael McCarthy If you’re looking for something different, some truly unique, mind-blowing electro-pop, then you’ve come to the right place. Nathassia is currently based out of London where she is very informed by its music scene. The songs on her just released debut album, Light of the World, run the gamut...
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“I can make you feel better, if you want to,” a female chirps on “Bipp” by SOPHIE, the name used by London-based producer Samuel Long. Or perhaps it’s actually Samuel singing and he just raises the pitch on the vocals so that they sound female? In any case, SOPHIE has become quite the sensation...
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If there’s one thing you could accuse David Guetta of, it’s being formulaic. He has a design in front of him and he rarely colors outside of it. It’s like he has a dance pop algorithm he uses to write all of his songs. To that end, you could say that his music...
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