#songoftheday = GlideSonic – “Desire (just love me)” EDM remix

Well, kids, the dance-pop world has two new mascots to worship.  One of the guys — assuming they’re guys — wears a fox mask and the other one wears a human mask except that it looks like he’s a human from Gorrilaz.  Both masks are cute and funny.  And you may have seen them before; the duo, who go by GlideSonic, has racked up over 4 million Youtube views for their previous videos. I suspect their new single, “Desire (just love me)” will get a million views, too.  It’s a contagious song that’s fun to bounce around to. (I may have tested it.)  And the EDM mix, which I have for you today, is even better than the regular version of the song, packing a louder, fuller thump.  Think of the EDM beats as that turbo shot of espresso you get in your ice coffee and drink up already.



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