#songoftheday / REVIEW: Jolin Tsai – “I’m Not Yours” Feat. NAMIE AMURO

This is what happens when the reigning queen of Chinese pop meets the reigning queen of Japanese pop…  One fabulous, punchy as hell, kick ass pop song, primed for the dance floor.  If you really despise EDM then this one might turn you off, but we’re getting tired of EDM, too, and we still were blown away by how wonderful this one was.  Watch the video a couple of times and prepare to get addicted.

Oh, and you can watch it with the subtitles turned on if you feel weird about listening to something in a language you don’t speak.  Plus, there are quite a few parts of the song in English anyway.

We really hope this will become an international smash and make people realize that there’s as much to love about Chinese pop as there is to love about Japanese and Korean pop.

Youtube info:

mi’s last few albums have been pretty lackluster.  Besides, people have been calling Namie the “queen of hip-pop” for ages now,

▶ 蔡依林 Jolin Tsai - I'm Not Yours Feat. 安室奈美惠 NAMIE AMURO (華納official 高畫質HD官方完整版MV) - YouTube

[ ♬ 數位音樂平台] iTunes: http://smarturl.it/jolin_Third KKBOX: http://kkbox.fm/La0p4Y myMusic: http://smarturl.it/play_mm Omusic: http://smarturl.it/play_om Spotify: http://smarturl.it/jolin_Third_sp ▶I'm Not Yours 鈴聲下載資訊: 中華用戶: 手機直撥700→按4→輸入 814979 遠傳電信用戶: 手機直撥900→按1→說出「蔡依林」即可下載 ----------------------------------------­­­­---------------------------------- 亞洲流行天后 蔡依林 跨年絕呸 國際豪華版 JOLIN PLAY DELUXE INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2/6全球同步發行 在心口不一的時代,用玩笑樂觀面對,用音樂戲謔世界, 人生不過就是一場PLAY! 華納音樂和凌時差公司攜手斥資六千萬 打造十支MV十首全主打的十全十美新專輯 2014笑傲華語歌壇超級震撼彈 ● I’m Not Yours Feat. 安室奈美惠NAMIE AMURO 2014亞洲樂壇最驚為天人的震撼組合! 亞洲流行天后蔡依林和東洋歌姬安室奈美惠空前跨國攜手合唱曲「I’m Not Yours」! JOLIN首次與國外作曲團隊合作寫歌,也和傳聞已久要合作的安室奈美惠一同合唱,由­知名作詞人黃偉文為兩人合唱曲「I’m Not Yours」操刀,藉由JOLIN與安室的影響力一同宣告『做自己的女孩』的Girl Power! 這首是JOLIN親自創作的心頭肉,加上要與安室合作,求好心切的她除了要顧及音樂還­得兼顧與安室合作的畫面,製作過程中不斷與製作人Starr Chen反覆討論修改,堪稱磨功一流音樂總監,讓製作人Starr Chen每交出一次修改新版時都會搞笑地說:「我覺得超好聽喔!」希望音樂總監能拍板­過關。 ●更多蔡依林消息: 華納線上音樂雜誌: http://www.warnermusic.com.tw/ 華納音樂(國內部)Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarnerMusicT... 蔡依林官方臉書:https://www.facebook.com/hoo.jcai 蔡依林Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/ 蔡依林官方Youtube頻道:https://www.youtube.com/user/jolintsai STARRING: JOLIN TSAI 蔡依林 NAMIE AMURO 安室奈美惠 DIRECTOR:MUH CHEN 陳奕仁 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR:SHOWY 林修毅 PRODUCER:OLAN HUANG 黃黑輪 PUBLISHED BY WARNER MUSIC TAIWAN LTD. 華納國際音樂股份有限公司 ALBUM MARKETING & CREATIVE DIRECTOR & COPYWRITER & IMAGE ART DIRECTOR: JIMMY CHOU 周啟民 ARTIST MANAGEMENT: ETERNAL MUSIC PRODUCTION CO., LTD. 凌時差音樂製作有限公司 ARTIST MANAGER:TOM WANG 王永良 ASSISTANT ARTIST MANAGER: RAIN HSU許嘉倩 MANAGER ASSISTANT: JUNG LIN林庭蓉 ARTIST ASSISTANT: BABAO TSAI蔡函沅 NAMIE TEAM: A&R:DIMENSION POINT MAKEUP: SATOMI KURIHARA (AIR NOTES) COSTUME: AKIRA NODA (IRIS) BGM & SFX: 溫子捷 WEN TZU CHIEH 陳玠融 STEVI CHEN CHOREOGRAPHER: DANIELLE FREDERICA POLANCO STYLISTS & COSTUME: JOLIN TEAM HAIR STYLIST : JOHNNY HO (HC HAIR CULTURE) MAKEUP STYLIST : LYNN CHIEN簡淑玲 STYLIST CONSULTANT: THOMAS CHAN COSTUME: THOMAS CHAN/ HABO OFFICE哈柏事務所 PRODUCTION DEPT. PRODUCTION HOUSE : GRASS JELLY STUDIO 仙草影像 ART DEPT. GEE DESIGN STUDIO : 雞設士工作室 DESIGN & ANIMATION DEPT. GRASS JELLY STUDIO 仙草影像 / MOON SHINE 夢想動畫 SPECIAL THANKS: 霧峰林家古蹟 宮保第 大花廳 . 林本堂股份有限公司 總經理 林俊明 DEREK LIN / 營運長 陳思齊 SIMON CHEN 這一鍋 皇室秘藏鍋物 廚藝總監 趙偉鈞 BARRY CHAO / 鍾靜如 JHONG KATHY SHIATZY CHEN 夏姿陳 VERSACE CH WEDDING VISION FACTORY



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