M.A Beat! are appearing at the Great Escape festival May 19-20th.  To celebrate, they’ve just released their version of Aphex Twin’s “Bucephalus Bouncing Ball” exclusively on Love is Pop.

Imagine if Four Tet did a remix of an Aphex Twin song.  That’s kind of what this sounds like, especially when it gets around the 2:10 mark and downtempo, humming keyboards make their entrance.  What I find so fascinating about this remix is how they’ve subtracted as much as they’ve added.  Gone are the punchy techno beats.  Instead, we have subtle droning sounds, chopped up drums, and various other percussive sounds, some of which are from the original version, others which M.A Beat! have added.  They’ve also slowed the tempo considerably when you compare it to the frantic, rapid-fire beats that populate much of the original.  That said, it’s still an invigorating track and it’s sure to stimulate your senses.  Listen to it really loud if you are having trouble waking up today and it’s sure to help revive you.

In related news, M.A BEAT! recently released their new single, “Four Hands,” which takes listeners on a voyage full of wonder.  It’s a trip you’ll definitely want to take.  Think of it as an electronic odyssey.  Although it must be said that the trio use a considerably amount of organic sounds in their music and like to think of themselves as electro-acoustic.  Their new EP, Pushing Forms, is a fine blend of electro, world music, jazz, psychedelic,  post rock and even a touch of jazz.

07/05 – Elastic Bar Strasbourg, France
19/05 – The Great Escape Festival – Patterns, Brighton, UK
20/05 – The Great Escape Festival – Horatio’s Bar Brighton Pier, UK
28/05 – Les 24H de Stan, Nancy, France
10/06 – Le REX de Toulouse, Toulouse, France
11/06 – ARTeNOU Festival, Barcelona, Spain
23/06 – Bonnefooi Brussels, Belgium
24/06 – Le Biplan (officiel), Lille, France
25/06 – Les Garages Numériques, Bruxelles, Belgium
13-25/07 – Tour in Italia
06/08 – Festival Musiques et Terrasses, Verdun, France


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