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First of all, the name of this musical duo is really DETECTIVE, but they shortened it to DTCV so that people would be able to find them when they search for them online. If they were simply called Detective, people would never be able to find them because they’d be buried in a...
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BABYMETAL’s new album, Metal Resistance, was released here in the States on April 1st, the same date it was released in Japan.  I have written an in-depth review of the album for our sister site, OtakuDX.  You can read the review here:
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An Exclusive Interview with Sean Kraft of Tournament

interview by Michael McCarthy In 2006 vocalist/guitarist Montana Masback, guitarist Sean Kraft, bassist Ryan Kelly and drummer Jordan Lovelace left Rockland County, New York and headed to Brooklyn where they officially formed the mean, gritty rock band Tournament. On March 25th they finally released their long-overdue second album, Teenage Creature, and it was...
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The Joy Formidable spent a year holed up in their own studio in their native Wales writing and recording Hitch, their third full-length album, which is a tour de force if a little long-winded. You see, the record clocks in at roughly 70 minutes and many of its songs are over six minutes...
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An Exclusive Interview with MAVRICK

Back on March 10th, I named newcomer Mavrick’s song “Funeral” our #songoftheday and here we are three weeks later and I’m still listening to it every day. It’s such a massive and addictive song that all it takes is one listen to get you hooked. From its boisterous beats to his emotive vocals...
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An Exclusive Interview with Kavus Torabi of Knifeworld

interview by Michael McCarthy Have you ever seen a magic show by one of the masters – like David Copperfield – and swore it was real? Well, I saw Copperfield perform a few decades ago and still can’t fathom how he did anything that night. The finale is the illusion that especially boggles...
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