#songoftheday = DAWN RICHARD: “NOT ABOVE THAT”

Dawn Richard delivers another twisted R&B song destined to toy with your head with her latest single, “Not Above That.”  It’s so far out there that I’m not even sure I should be calling it R&B.  Maybe there should be an R&B sub-genre called gloom for songs like this?  I suppose you could call it trip-hop.  Better still, you could categorize it as avant-garde, which basically means that it doesn’t fit in anywhere at all.   The fact that it defies genre-labeling so expertly is one of the reasons it’s so brilliant.  If you’ve never heard Dawn Richard’s music before then it’ll probably be one of the most bizarre songs you’ll ever hear.  When I listen to it, I can’t entirely wrap my head around it, which is why I like it.  The fact that it’s so out there is what makes it so irresistible.  It’s a truly unique listening experience.  It also happens to have a unique video, which they’re calling a virtual reality experience because that’s what it simulates.  If you watch it on full screen and lean in close to your monitor it’s a sci-fi voyage that you’ll be having flashbacks of all day.  I wouldn’t suggest you do that if you have a seizure disorder though, just to be better safe than sorry.  Otherwise, proceed and prepare to zone out.
BUY “NOT ABOVE THAT”: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/not-above-that-single/id1076395276


June 15: London, UK @ XOYO 

June 16: Lisbon, Portugal @ ZDB 

June 19: Berlin, Germany @ Berghaln 

June 23: Toulouse, France @ Slestes Electroniques 

June 29: Denmark @ Rosklide Festival – Apollo Stage 






Published on Jun 14, 2016

Available now on iTunes – http://smarturl.it/NATDAWN
Copyright (C) 2016 Local Action / Our Dawn Entertainment

Co-Directed by DJ Turner and Monty Marsh

Co-Produced by Christina Heller and Monty Marsh

Cinematographer – Quinn Feldman

Houdini Technical Director / Lead Artist – Jordan Halsey
Sound Design and Spatialized Audio – Ecco VR
Lead Compositor – Albert Cook
Asst. Compositor – Stephanie Jingyan Zheng
Asst. Modeler – Andrew Stuchlik
Data Technician – Joel Jones Marino
Production Assistant – Spencer Greller

Headdress Artist – Lewis Hackett

Music Produced by Machinedrum

Creative Team : Tom Lea, Dawn Richard, Monty Marsh






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