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#songoftheday = DAWN RICHARD: “RENEGADES”

I've been a fan of Dawn Richard since the first time I heard her debut solo album, Goldenheart, which was an almost sci-fi take on R&B with flourishes of avant-garde style pop. She continued to explore these styles on her follow-up album, Blackheart, which she announced as...
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#songoftheday = DAWN RICHARD: “CALI SUN”

D∆WN, better known as Dawn Richard, veers in a mainstream R&B/pop direction with her new single "Cali Sun," which hails from her third album, Redemption, which is said to be the "final installment in the trilogy." I was a big fan of the two previous...
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by Michael McCarthy Each year, I feel overwhelmed before writing a “best albums of” list. There are always so many releases that I’ve loved during any given year, it makes it very difficult to narrow them down to a reasonable number. (When I first listed my best from this year, it was 144...
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