#songoftheday = DAWN RICHARD: “RENEGADES”

I’ve been a fan of Dawn Richard [a.k.a D∆WN] since the first time I heard her debut solo album, Goldenheart, which was an almost sci-fi take on R&B with flourishes of avant-garde style pop.  She continued to explore these styles on her follow-up album, Blackheart, which she announced as the second album in a trilogy.  Well, now she’s gearing up to release part three.  Entitled Redemption, it will be released on November 18th via Local Action/Our Dawn Entertainment.  The album was largely produced by frequent collaborator MachineDrum and the above-posted “Renegades” is the first track to drop from the album.  On this one, her vocals are crystal clear, but often she splices and dices them so finely that they can be difficult to wrap one’s head around, which is one of the things that I love about her.  Of course, it’s nice to be able to understand her loud and clear for a change, too, and “Renegades” is easily the best song M.I.A. didn’t write for her tepid new album.  If the rest of Redemption is as exemplary as “Renegades” then it’s going to be an album of the year contender, easily.


Pre-order Redemption on vinyl and limited USB necklace edition, designed by Dawn and filled with exclusive photography, VR content, a lyric book and more: www.dawnrichard.net



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