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#songoftheday / REVIEW: Dawn Richard – “Tide: The Paradox Effect”

Perhaps this is an odd choice for #songoftheday, considering that it’s *not* an actual song from Dawn Richard’s new album Blackheart but something of a mash up of bits of some of the songs.  Still, it’s a fascinating and intoxicating listen, Richard once again taking our breath away with her unique formula containing elements of R&B, electropop, trip hop and even a dash of darkwave.  And so her vivid imagination, which knows no boundaries, should be rewarded as #songoftheday.

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Published on Jan 15, 2015

“Blackheart” by Dawn Richard is available now on iTunes, Amazon, and all other digital retailers.
Blackheart –
Tide: The Paradox Effect –

You see Dawn as an Amazonian warrior that travels through a harsh fantastical world to confront all obstacles and attain the light.

Music video for Tide: The Paradox Effect performed by Dawn Richard.


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