#songoftheday = ON DEAD WAVES: “CALIFORNIA”

During our recent interview, onDeadWaves Polly Scattergood told us that ‘California’ was actually written about a caravan park on the South East coast of England – also called “California”. It’s kind of a strange, beautiful and slightly ironic place. So we put it in a song.”  That said, there is no caravan park in sight in the song’s spectacular new video.  Quite the contrary, the video takes place at what would seem to be a classic Los Angeles pool party.  I loved this song from the first time I listened to it, but this is one of those instances where a video can make you fall even more deeply in love with a song.  With me, usually seeing videos makes me like songs slightly less because I don’t like having imagery from videos stuck in my head whenever I listen to songs thereafter, but in this case I don’t mind because the video is so sunny and endearing.  It’s not without social commentary though, as everyone at the party is trying to be see, to be photographed or filmed.  In other words, it’s your classic Los Angeles story, but there’s no desperation here.  Everyone is just having a good time.  Enjoy!


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