WORLD PREMIERE / #songoftheday: SchulKid – “La La Lave” feat. I Am Harlequin

London-based producer/songwriter SchulKid will be releasing his debut EP, Physical Education, on July 30th.  In the meantime, we’re tickled pink to premiere his new single and video, “La La Lave,” featuring the lovely I Am Harlequin.  The EP’s previous single, “Love Like This” featuring Tara Priya, was critically acclaimed and followed the fetching singles “Wildest Promise” and “Slow Dancing,” which both featured Valair on vocals.   Listening to these tracks, it’s impossible not to think of his music as the sound of tomorrow, as he combines the best elements of today’s EDM, ’90’s house, old school drum ‘n’ bass and ’80’s pop into a sound that is unique and enticing.  If these songs are any indication he’ll be the next Disclosure, so hop aboard the welcome wagon now and be the first among your circle of friends to indulge  in his electro-world where anything goes.

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“La La Lave” will be released on June 30th.


Youtube info:

Uploaded on May 28, 2016


Director + Cinematographer + Editor: Serena Reynolds

Stylist : Maria Cecilia Brennand Campos

The Girls: Christine Spang & Gabriella Campagna

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  1. every dog says:

    I like the beats on this one.

  2. rEvEolution says:

    This is better than the similar shit I’ve heard lately. Nice vibe.

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