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To my ears, this song is pure witch house, which isn't surprising, since he uses the character ‡ in his name... Yes, there are R&B and industrial influences, but the end result strikes me as witch house... Not sure that's what he considers it though, as there's...
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#songoftheday / REVIEW: Mo Parker – “SHY”

Mo Parker is actually two people: Classically and jazz trained pianist and singer Mo and trippy R&B beat-maker Domzilla. Their union here couldn't possibly be more intriguing as Mo's piano and soulful vocals ride Domzilla's super deep, low end bass perfectly, resulting in something that sounds...
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Houses’ vocalist and Diplo protege Dexter Tortoriello has released his debut solo album as Dawn Golden. It’s called Still Life and it comes courtesy of Downtown Records and Mad Decent. But you should forget that I’ve just written this because, really, the record is nothing like what you’d expect from anyone associated with...
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#songoftheday / REVIEW: MO PARKER: “FOLD”

We've had this intoxicating tune by Mo Parker on repeat for half an hour. It's a haunting mix of deep soul with dark R&B, but it's also very trippy -- you'd think Massive Attack produced it -- with lots of subtle electronic embellishments. If The Weeknd...
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#songoftheday LEMAITRE: “HIGH TIDE”

Lemaitre's "High Tide" is one of those wonderful songs that defies genre distinctions. On one hand, you could call it pop. You could even get specific and call it piano pop -- and it's got plenty of invigorating piano, to be sure... Meanwhile, Lemaitre's vocals...
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I read a lot of artist bios and they tend to all sound the same after a while. It seems like they’re all about growing up in a small, rural town and then moving to New York City or Los Angeles to make it big in the music business. While it’s nice to...
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