#songoftheday / LYRIC VIDEO: Fefe Dobson – “In Better Hands”

Fefe Dobson has never really gotten our attention before, but we must admit this is one catchy pop song with a positive message.  “Three strikes / We tried / Now I’m in better hands,”goes the especially upbeat chorus.  You could look at it as a song telling women to finally get out of abusive relationships, but you could also just look at it in a general sense, seeing it as a tune inciting women to get out of any sort of relationships that aren’t working out.  Either way, it’s a gorgeous tune with shimmering strings, acoustic guitars, lovely beats and so on.  We can’t wait to hear her new album, Firebird, when it drops.

Youtube info:

Published on Mar 21, 2014

Fefe Dobson’s second single “In Better Hands” from her forthcoming album “Firebird”.

In Better Hands is available now on iTunes Canada: http://bit.ly/1ixVZwh




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