#songoftheday LEMAITRE: “HIGH TIDE”

Lemaitre’s “High Tide” is one of those wonderful songs that defies genre distinctions.  On one hand, you could call it pop.  You could even get specific and call it piano pop — and it’s got plenty of invigorating piano, to be sure…  Meanwhile, Lemaitre’s vocals are R&B smooth, though it’s not actually an R&B song…  He just has that kind of soulful voice that would go well with R&B.  But, hey, we prefer pop and we’re glad he’s singing pop songs instead.  Beyond that, the song has guitar highlights, shimmering horns and more — it’s brilliantly produced, rich and complex.  If we had to compare Lemaitre to one artist, it would definitely be Mika.  He’s very Mika-esque.  Which isn’t a bad thing at all.  Pas du tout.



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