#songoftheday / REVIEW: Mo Parker – “SHY”

Mo Parker is actually two people: Classically and jazz trained pianist and singer Mo and trippy R&B beat-maker Domzilla.   Their union here couldn’t possibly be more intriguing as Mo’s piano and soulful vocals ride Domzilla’s super deep, low end bass perfectly, resulting in something that sounds like a slightly more organic Massive Attack.  Perhaps it’s too much of a trip-hop gem to be described with words like “catchy” and “irresistible,” and yet if you’re a trip hop junkie like we are then that’s actually what you will find it to be.  We could listen to this one on repeat for an hour and not get sick of it.  The least you could do is give it 4 minutes and 23 seconds.  Unless you’re just here for the bubble gum, you’re sure to fall under its wicked spell.

From the press release: “Born and bred in the hinterland of the Tyne, Mo Parker’s songwriting draws heavily on blues and soul, its innate evocation of religious and spiritual imagery.  The metaphors of the blues and soul spiritual, resonate in tales of struggle, loss, and tragedy.  Together with production partner, Domzilla (BMG – Lulu James, Wu Tang), the pair have created music on the principles of space, atmosphere, and depth… the voice to the front, the music to the back.  A very modern sound, a very traditional approach.



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