VIDEO / REVIEW: XOV – “Boys Don’t Cry”

Swedish artist XOV (otherwise known as Damian Ardestani) first started gathering a following in the blogosphere after uploading his exceptional track “Boys Don’t Cry {Naked Edition}” to his Soundcloud page.  Now that song has a video and it suits it perfectly.  Where the song is somewhat minimalist, the video is stark black and white.  Where the song is haunting, we see raindrops falling and other downtrodden imagery, meanwhile we have XOV singing alone in an empty room, looking despondent.  Moody doesn’t begin to describe it.  But what our description doesn’t tell you is just how beautiful the song is.  We’re not exaggerating when we tell you that it sounds like the lovechild of James Blake and The Weeknd.  It has the former’s light flourishes of synth and simple beats combined with the latter’s soulful and emotive R&B-style vocals.  We can’t wait to hear a full-length album from this guy.

Youtube info:

Published on Nov 7, 2014
Instagram: @xovofficial
Twitter: @xovofficial

Director: Paul Jerndal
Cinematographer: Johan Palm
Editor: Eric Barrögård, Viktor Ahlgren, XOV

Producer/Project manager: Lovisa Hägle
Gaffer: Marcus Möller
Camera assistant: Christopher Thaung
Set dresser: Elisabet Lindén
Runner: Rebecka Forsberg
Assistant director: Frida Strömberg
Line producer Studio: Elin Ramfalk
Under Water Photographer: Christian Göran
Stunt Double: Micheal Cambello
Under Water assistant: Gustav Tesch
Editing assistant: Simon Roger
Complementary Editing: Katja Norsebäck
Executive producer OTW: Therese Westerberg
Colorist STOP: Carl Skaff

Paul Jerndal

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