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Arthur Moon is a wondrous collaboration between Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Lora-Faye and musicians Cale Hawkins (Quincy Jones, Bilal) and Martin D. Fowler (a composer for This American Life). Arthur Moon is also the moniker that Lora-Faye herself goes by. (More on that in the interview.) Arthur’s debut album is out on vinyl now via...
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#songoftheday = ELOHIM: “SKINNY LEGS”

Elohim's latest single, "Skinny Legs," might strike you as an abstract, maybe even inaccessible, song the first few times you listen to it. I even wondered if it was too bizarre for me when it first wormed its way inside my ears. That said, I put...
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#songoftheday = alt-J – “Adeline”

As you probably have figured out by now, most of our song of the day selections are chosen because they're catchy. It's almost an unwritten rule that we only select the most infectious tunes we come across. There are exceptions to this rule and today is...
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An Exclusive Interview with Mimoza H

by Michael McCarthy Mimoza H is one of the most fascinating artists I’ve come across in a long time. Her somewhat abstract music is like a cross between Florence + The Machine, Bjork and Tori Amos. That might not sound like a good combination, but to my ears it’s sonic bliss. I especially...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: ZELOOPERZ: BOTHIC

Detroit rapper ZelooperZ — who was born in the 313 and still resides there — is part of Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade.  Interestingly, they connected via Twitter when the 6’7″ ZelooperZ was promoting a mixtape like crazy and Brown took notice.  But before Brown took him into the studio he gave him a proper...
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For me, Chelsea Wolfe’s albums have always been more about an overall vibe than specific songs taken individually.  I do prefer certain songs, yes, but within the context of her albums.  They’re not songs I’d necessarily take and put on a playlist.  (They don’t necessarily play well with other artists.)  I have to be...
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