#songoftheday X3 / #picksoftheweek / #amlistening = LAURE SHANG, DOE PAORO, REBECCA & FIONA

First off, we have the new video for “I Love You,” another killer art-pop song by Laure Shang.  She’s been releasing singles from her next album for quite some time now, so we’re hoping that it’ll be released soon.  We’re dying to hear it already!

As usual, Doe Paoro delivers an irresistible tune with thoughtful lyrics.  We can’t get enough of her, although we’ve interviewed her 3 times already.  Here’s a link to our latest chat, which is from June 2018: Doe Paoro’s third Love is Pop interview. Can’t wait until we can hear the entire full album and chat with her again!

Oh, how we love Rebecca & Fiona.  With “Different” featuring Marcy Chin they prove, once again, that they’re the best pop duo on the planet.  We’ve been playing this one on repeat at Love is Pop HQ for days.  We’re sure you’ll be listening to it for days, too.  Just you dare try to listen to it only once; you will fail.

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  1. AnsonHiong says:

    Laure Shang’s new album The Puzzle Pisces has been released today! The amazing LS5!

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