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#songoftheday / #amlistening: AMANDA PALMER: “DROWNING IN THE SOUND”

The always spell-binding Amanda Palmer’s new single, “Drowning in the Sound” is yet another chamber pop masterpiece from the insanely-talented singer/songwriter. From its pummeling percussion to its sonorous, in-your-face piano notes, it commands your ears to listen the hell up on full alert. It’s as beautiful as it is brash, like a butterfly with wings as sharp and dangerous as razor blades, hence our being compelled to make it a song of the day.

Youtube info:

hi, i love you. this is the official patron-funded video for “drowning in the sound”, directed by long-time art-brother michael pope & choreographed by coco karol. dancers: effy grey, alexi transparent, yeman brown, miguel angel guzman. to read more about the backstory & creation of this video, go here: i am going to be TOURING sept-december 2019 in the U.K., Ireland & Europe. “drowning in the sound” is from my second solo album There Will Be No Intermission, which came out march 2019. produced by john congelto, feat. musicians jherek bischoff, max henry & joey waronker. the album is here on bandcamp for $1:…, or you can join my patreon for as little as $1 & get a mp3/WAV download of the album here:…. this video was funded by over 15k patrons. if you believe in this art….please join for as little as $1/month to help support me & my collaborators make MORE work like this. VIDEO CREDITS Director: Michael Pope Choreographer: Coco Karol Conceived & Written By Amanda Palmer, Coco Karol, and Michael Pope Performers: Amanda Palmer, Coco Karol, Yeman Brown, Alexi Transparent, Effy Grey, Miguel Angel Guzman Makeup Artist: Regina Harris Hair Stylist: Gerald Decock Costume Designer: Andrea Lauer Editors: James Holland, Michael Pope Cinematographer: Benjamin Knight Asst Camera: Dan Mason Gaffer: Daniel Hourihan Key Grip: Dan Peck Grip: Matt Kehoe Producer: Allen Smithy Executive Producer: Amanda Palmer Asst Producer, UPM: Christina Bryant Assistant Director: Eddie Hollenbeck Production Consultant: BriAnna Olson Key Production Asst, Driver: Bimini Wright Production Assistant: Stephanie Bryant Props Master: Christina Bryant Head Carpenter: Mike Cooter Assistant Carpenter: Ngo’e Crossan Hair and Makeup Asst: Harumi Yonemoto Costume Asst: Anna Metelina Documentarian: James Holland Stills Photographer: Krys Fox Asst to Amanda: Michael McComiskey, Hayley Rosenblum Manager: Jordan Verzar Lighting & Grip Equipment: FastLights Craft Services: Provisions Woodstock Piano Movement: Loren Rose Lifeguard: Sam Burt Special Thanks: Augusta Ogden, Kim Ross, Janette Johnston, Assa Sacko Zarcone and Utopia Soundstage, Bill Young & 100 Grand Dance, Allways Moving

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