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Ninetails are a three piece band from Liverpool. As for what sort of band they are, well, that’s nearly impossible to say. Their songs are rather mold-breaking and don’t conform to the rules of any genre, so I suppose you could call them avant-garde, but then avant-garde artists tend to be really “out...
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Instead of hurrying to release a sequel to her relatively mainstream soul-pop debut, Traveling Like The Light, singer/songwriter/producer/model/fashion designer VV Brown actually scrapped her second album, Lollipops & Politics, and left her record label, determined to make an album that was wholly artistic. She subsequently took the time to reinvent herself and come...
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#albumoftheday TAKATSUNA MUKAI: Śūnya

Takatsuna Mukai is a multi-instrumentalist who plays electric violin, electric guitar, synthesizer and bass guitar, in addition to being a wizard with programming. Takatsuna first arrived in London in 1991 and has been busy making music, and doing other music-related projects, ever since. During his first decade in the UK, he collaborated with...
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David Lynch’s 2011 debut, Crazy Clown Time, was a vocoder-hater’s worst nightmare.  And it wasn’t for people who weren’t into meditation either.  But for any fans of Lynch’s films who’ve ever wondered what the melodies and monologues inside of his head actually sounded like, it was a fascinating listen, even if it was something they...
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#albumoftheday Aniaetleprogrammeur: The friendly expectations of the stars

Although they’re Berlin-based today, Aniaetleprogrammeur (pronounced: Ania et le programmeur) were formed in Paris in 2005. The trio consists of Hanrigabriel (direction/guitars/vox/synths), Tata Christiane (synths/machines) and Valquire Veljkovic (lights/synths/bass). (I recently reviewed Valquire Veljkovic’s fascinating side project Deer Howling.) They are a “multidisciplinary art collective” involved in music, fashion design (with the brand...
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