David Lynch’s 2011 debut, Crazy Clown Time, was a vocoder-hater’s worst nightmare.  And it wasn’t for people who weren’t into meditation either.  But for any fans of Lynch’s films who’ve ever wondered what the melodies and monologues inside of his head actually sounded like, it was a fascinating listen, even if it was something they probably listened to once or twice and then forgot about.  His follow up, The Big Dream, would seem to leap past his conscious thoughts, delving into his strangest dreams.  But, of course, they’ve been processed by his conscious mind in the making of this album, but that’s probably just made them stranger because this is a truly weird album.  And yet much of it is also rather boring.  Seemingly aimless blues narratives dominate the record, leaving one wishing it was actually more whimsical like Crazy Clown Time.  There are a couple of standout tracks though.  The most essential is the iTunes bonus track, “I’m Waiting Here,” which features the vocal talent of the always brilliant Lykke Li at her haunting best.  (It makes one wish he’d just have guest singers do all of the vocals on his albums in the future.)  The other noteworthy track is a cover of Bob Dylan’s “The Ballad of Hollis Brown,” which is perhaps one of the most disturbing murder ballads of all-time.  And Lynch has made it even more disturbing because he sing-speaks the lyrics like he’s telling a funny story.  You can picture him smirking as you listen to it, like he’s telling a joke when he says things like, “There’s seven people dead on a South Dakota farm.”  But, of course, we like Lynch to disturb us.  That’s why he’s been such an acclaimed filmmaker; we love it when he freaks us out, making this cover one priceless delight that’s essential listening for all fans of Lynch’s films.




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