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#songoftheday / VIDEO: LYKKE LI: “GUNSHOT”

The sole track on Lykke Li's new album produced by Greg Kurstin, who wrote the song with her, "Gunshot" is easily the catchiest song on the record. "I am longing for your honey / I am longing for your love," Li sings during the bridge and her...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: LYKKE LI: I NEVER LEARN

Oh, the heartache. The real, motherfucking, why should I even wake up in the morning, heartache. It’s something Lykke Li knows all too well. It wasn’t so long ago that she fled from her native Sweden to Los Angeles, a 28 year old who’d just gone through the most painful break up of...
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David Lynch’s 2011 debut, Crazy Clown Time, was a vocoder-hater’s worst nightmare.  And it wasn’t for people who weren’t into meditation either.  But for any fans of Lynch’s films who’ve ever wondered what the melodies and monologues inside of his head actually sounded like, it was a fascinating listen, even if it was something they...
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