#songoftheday / VIDEO: LYKKE LI: “GUNSHOT”

The sole track on Lykke Li’s new album produced by Greg Kurstin, who wrote the song with her, “Gunshot” is easily the catchiest song on the record.  “I am longing for your honey / I am longing for your love,” Li sings during the bridge and her voice is so full of longing that you’ll want to give her a great, big hug.  The only thing we don’t like about this video is all the twerking.  Li is such a visionary that it just feels weird seeing her doing something that’s essentially a fad in her video.  Well, OK, she’s not the one doing the twerking — several other people are — but it’s still odd for her to go trend hopping.  Then again, collaborating with Greg Kurstin has become a major trend in the music business, so you could make the argument that this whole song is trend hopping.  Thing is, it doesn’t sound like a Greg Kurstin song.  Musically and lyrically, it feels 100% Lykke Li.  Besides, Greg Kurstin is the one major producer and songwriter in the biz right now who we don’t have any issues with, being big fans of his duo The Bird and the Bee and his work with Lily Allen.

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Published on Jul 15, 2014

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