I first heard the mesmerizing, electronic/world music album Light of the World by Nathassia in 2016 and immediately fell under its spell and declared it one of the best albums I’d heard in my life; and I still feel that strongly about it. A Wiccan myself, I loved its pagan themes and the way her lyrics seemed to view the world from the perspective of a Goddess who’s disappointed with the state of the things today. A Goddess who was here to issue a warning: change or you shall perish. Suffice to say, I simply had to interview her and you can read that right here.

Today, I am pleased to present you with the worldwide premiere of her latest single, “Goddess,” which finds her once again in the world music vein as she calls on and portrays the Goddesses Athena, Venus, Diana, Inanna and Laxmi as she sings about feeling like a Goddess herself. The song features enough traditional Indian music instruments that I should think she would be proud if you called it that, but you can just as easily call it electronic pop or perhaps even avant-garde. Suffice to say, it’s a unique gem that shines like gold as it finds its way inside your head, lighting up your dopamine receptors as she calls you forth like a siren and you fall in love with it.

All six of the Goddesses Nathassia plays in the video were filmed on location in Tunisia, Cadiz and London for a delightful blend of dance, colors and cultures. She co-wrote and co-produced the song with Grammy winner Bruce Elliott-Smith, Tim Healey and Colin Bennun. Club mixes have been made by The Wideboys, Rob Made, Steve Smart, Rich B/Phil Marriot, 2 Tha Grind and Headrume and are out now or coming soon. And they’re bouncy shakers sure to get you out onto the dancefloor, channeling your own inner God or Goddess.

If you like “Goddess,” then I think you’ll also love her albums…

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4 responses to “WORLD PREMIERE / #songoftheday = NATHASSIA: “GODDESS””

  1. Bruce Avatar


  2. Yann Avatar

    I’m enchanted. 1 of the strangest vids I’ve ever seen but I couldn’t look away.

  3. Chouette Avatar

    Nathassia is my new favorite Goddess, yes, yes, yes.

  4. Ordls Avatar

    Hot Goddess bless.

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