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#songoftheday = ADAM JENSEN: “TOMBSTONE”

A year ago tomorrow I interviewed Boston artist Adam Jensen and we learned about his colorful if not checkered past. One thing is for certain: he's a hell of a lot more interesting, not to mention edgy, than your average pop slinger (pun intended). On his...
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#songoftheday = ADAM JENSEN: “THE MYSTIC”

Adam Jensen continues to be brutally honest on his red hot new single "The Mystic," singing about his relationship with his mother and sister and trying to stay sober, among other things, all over massive, punchy beats that slam against your head as you listen. In an...
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A Conversation with Adam Jensen (Exclusive Interview)

On March 4, 2016  I interviewed Adam Jensen, a Boston native whose debut single, the deliciously dark, alt pop “Sandcastles,” was recently one of our #songoftheday selections. The only other track of his that I’d heard was his forthcoming second single, “Ritual,” which is even more amazing. Normally, I wouldn’t interview someone I’d...
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#songoftheday = ADAM JENSEN: “SANDCASTLES”

Later this year Boston born Adam Jensen will release an EP and I'm very excited about it after hearing his just released, red hot single, "Sandcastles." It's a pristine blend of thought-provoking alt pop and serious electro that packs gentle acoustic guitars with sonorous beats that stomp...
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