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A year ago tomorrow I posted my interview with Boston artist Adam Jensen and you learned about his colorful if not checkered past.  One thing is for certain: he’s a hell of a lot more interesting, not to mention edgy, than your average pop slinger (pun intended).  On his latest single, “Tombstone,” he invites people to write “bad man” on his tombstone while singing that he sold his soul.  His voice is as rough around the edges as the man himself, not quite raspy but not your bright and sunshiny pop voice either.  Not that his music is pop necessarily.  He told us that when he hears it and he hears punk rock.  At the time he told me that I thought he might be slightly delusional because his songs certainly pack pop hooks and melodies.  That said, lately, I’ve heard a lot of pop music — or what I thought was pop music — that was dubbed “post punk,” so what do I know?  What I can tell you is that “Tombstone” is every bit as infectious as Adam’s other songs, a real gold nugget, though it’s a nugget covered in just a bit of a dirt, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Adam Jensen – “Tombstone”
Spotify: smarturl.it/TombstoneSpotify
iTunes: smarturl.it/TombstoneiTunes
Youtube: smarturl.it/TombstoneYT
Amazon: smarturl.it/TombstoneAmazon

Adam Jensen
Soundcloud: @adamjensenmusic
Facebook: facebook.com/adamjensenmusic
Youtube: youtube.com/adamjensenmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/adamjensenmusic

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