Adam Jensen has become a certified Spotify Sensation since we first started posting his songs — and interviewing him — here on Love is Pop.  His hit “The Mystic” has racked up 1 million streams already while a remix of his debut single “Sandcastles” has over 5 million.  Crazy, eh?  Mind-blowing, to say the least.  Needless to say, we’re quite happy for our fellow Bostonian. (OK, we’re in the Lowell area, but it’s only 45 minutes from Beantown and we’re there all the time for concerts, but I digress.)  Cheers to ya, man!

Jensen follows up his last single, April’s “Marijuana Breath,” with his new tune “You Don’t Love Me Like Before,” a laid back sort of tune that finds him in an R&B mood.  I’d still say it’s a pop song, but I’m sure it was inspired by some smooth rhythm and blues.  Regardless, it’s an infectious song that you immediately want to play again after you’ve finished listening to it.  It may also appeal to you because it’s about something everyone has experienced at some point in your life.  That moment when you look at your partner and you realize they don’t love you anymore.  Could be the way they talk to you, or a look they shoot you when you do something that irritates them, whatever — we all know that feeling when you realize you’ve been betrayed, that this person you love and have thought so highly of actually thinks so little of you that they’ve just been stringing you along when they’ve already decided it’s over for them.  It hurts, doesn’t it?  Fortunately, “You Don’t Love Me Like Before” isn’t 100% melancholic.  That catchy chorus might actually perk up your spirits.  Regardless, it’s bound to have some kind of effect on you.

Here’s what Adam himself has to say about the track: “I think this is probably the saddest song I’ve ever written. It’s about that moment you realize it, the moment it hits you – she doesn’t love you like before. Whether it be the look in her eyes or the way she moves – something about it just isn’t the same anymore. Hits ya like a brick to the face or a knife to the stomach – and I actually know what both of those things feel like. The song is about looking back at the things you did wrong. Looking back on a love that was right there under your nose but you didn’t take care of it…” 

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