#songoftheday = ADAM JENSEN: “SANDCASTLES”

Later this year Boston born Adam Jensen will release an EP and I’m very excited about it after hearing his just released, red hot single, “Sandcastles.”  It’s a pristine blend of thought-provoking alt pop and serious electro that packs gentle acoustic guitars with sonorous beats that stomp all over you, resulting in one uber-catchy tune.  That description might make you think of Avicii, but it’s my opinion that “Sandcastles” is even better than anything off of Avicii’s last couple of albums; it’s that damn good.   And it was produced by Adam himself with Christian Medice (Young Rising Sons, Oh Honey).  If it strikes you as being dark, well, that’s likely due to Adam’s colorful past, which involves bar fights, bookies, knives, jail cells, recovery and, most importantly, redemption through the craft of songwriting.




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MANAGEMENT: Jon Allen & Bruce Carbone: info@buddyallenmgmt.com

PRESS: Black Panda PR: Amanda@blackpandapr.com

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  1. Brenden says:

    That is fucking catchy. It really is better than Avicii. I don’t even like his shit but I like this.

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