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Youtube info: Published on Mar 31, 2015 「Pick Me Up」 Perfume × 伊勢丹 「Pick Me Up」コラボソング Perfume Double A-side Single 「Relax In The City / Pick Me Up」 2015.04.29 on sale 予約受付中!… Perfume Official Website
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#songoftheday / VIDEO: STROMAE: “CARMEN”

"Carmen" is French artist Stromae's latest single from his excellent album Racine carrée. It is a "tribute" to Twitter and our consumption of tweets. (He even has a crazy blue Twitter bird following him around throughout the video.)...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: TINASHE: AMETHYST

One of the things that made the blogosphere fall in love with Tinashe was undoubtedly that she released her music for free in the form of the album-length mixtapes Black Water, In Case We Die and Reverie. Of course, her talent is what made these mixtapes stick. So many people wouldn’t have been...
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Well, naturally, since this is 2015, Kelly Clarkson’s seventh album, Piece By Piece, opens with, what else, the first single, “Heartbeat Song.” (I realize I’ve just used more commas than any sentence should ever have, but it was fun. You should try it sometime! You might lighten up enough to enjoy this album!)...
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