#songoftheday / VIDEO: Róisín Murphy – “Exploitation”

Róisín Murphy’s delightful “Exploitation” sounds like the sort of song you’d come down to after being out all night partying at Ibiza or some other electronic dance festival.  To that end, it is a wonderful come down song.  Somewhat hyperactive, but its anxious beats aren’t too punchy, just lively enough to command your attention.  It’s not what I’d call “chill out” music, rather the music you listen to in between the EDM and chill out.  Or maybe you’ll just listen to it around the clock as it’s a nice and slick earworm of a song that burrows itself deep inside of your head inducing euphoria as Róisín repeatedly asks “who’s exploiting who?”

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Published on Apr 13, 2015

‘Exploitation’ is the first single from Roisin’s new album ‘Hairless Toys’. Available to pre-order here: http://po.st/roisinmurphysite

Connect With Roisin
Website http://po.st/roisinmurphysite
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/roisinmurphy
Twitter https://twitter.com/roisinmurphy
Instagram https://instagram.com/mickeymurphysda…

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