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Monthly Archives: March 2017

#songoftheday: GIGI ROWE: “COVER ME UP”

Just when you thought Gigi Rowe was only good for retro-tastic, dance-pop magic, she pulls a bright, shiny love dove out of her hat, surprising us all. I had no doubt that she was capable producing a touching ballad, having interviewed her last December and gotten to...
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Today Lana Del Rey announced that her forthcoming album will be titled Lust for Life.  Like the Iggy Pop song!  Surely, that’s got to be a nod to Iggy.  Everyone knows that song.  There’s no way Lana just came up with that on her own without knowing about the Iggy Pop song. Here’s...
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GUEST EDITORIAL: The Women do the Waxing by Dave Perry

The following is a guest editorial by former music critic and current owner of Vinyl Destination record store, Dave Perry.  It was originally posted on Facebook on 3/19/17. The new point of sale at Vinyl Destination – or POS as those of us in the business world like to call it – lends...
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Bellman Redux: His Second Love is Pop Interview

Interview by Michael McCarthy I do so many interviews that I sometimes forget who I’ve interviewed already. This has a lot to do with my memory problem, but the fact that I’ve interviewed at least 100 people in my life doesn’t help me keep things straight. Likewise, most of the people I interview...
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#songoftheday = INNA: “GIMME GIMME”

INNA has been a major fixture on the club scene since around 2009 and has released approximately a dozen red hot singles, and a handful of smashing albums as well, including last year's killer self-titled full-length. Her songs are always club-ready, and they usually climb the to...
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#songoftheday = DASHNI – “LOVE WINS”

"Love wins every time," sings Kurdish pop star and humanitarian Dashni Morad with a purpose, while heavy beats throb away and the hooks sink their teeth right into you. Suffice to say, "Love Wins" is one downright irresistible dance pop gem -- a veritable breath of fresh...
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#songoftheday = ADAM JENSEN: “TOMBSTONE”

A year ago tomorrow I interviewed Boston artist Adam Jensen and we learned about his colorful if not checkered past. One thing is for certain: he's a hell of a lot more interesting, not to mention edgy, than your average pop slinger (pun intended). On his...
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