#songoftheday = INNA: “GIMME GIMME”

INNA has been a major fixture on the club scene since around 2009 and has released approximately a dozen red hot singles, and a handful of smashing albums as well, including last year’s killer self-titled full-length.  Her songs are always club-ready, and they usually climb the to the top of the dance charts, but she constantly comes up with new sounds to keep things interesting.  On her new single, “Gimme Gimme,” I hear hints of reggae in the beats.  Or maybe it’s just how the phrasing is structured.  In any case, I find it to be an intoxicating hybrid and can’t wait to hear the remixes.  You see, the regular versions of her songs are always catchy dance pop diddys, but the remixes, oh, man, the remixes.  To that end, Cahill, Dario Vega, Tom Ferry, Buzz Junkies and more producers than I can count have put their spin on her tunes, the results usually out of this world fabulous.

Youtube info:

Official music video by INNA performing the single “Gimme Gimme”. 2017

Concerts: booking@innaofficial.com

Music & Lyrics: INNA, David Ciente, Marcel Botezan, Sebastian Alexandru Barac, Breyan Isaac, Vasile Elena Luminita

INNA Online:

Global Records Online:

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