#songoftheday: GIGI ROWE: “COVER ME UP”

Just when you thought Gigi Rowe was only good for retro-tastic, dance-pop magic, she pulls a bright, shiny love dove out of her hat, surprising us all.  I had no doubt that she was capable producing a touching ballad, having interviewed her last December and gotten to know her as a well-rounded individual, but I didn’t realize it would be this brilliant when she finally got around to it.  This one gets under your skin and permeates your very being, tugging at your heartstrings and making you pay attention regardless of whatever happens to be going on in your life the first time you hear it.  She renders herself vulnerable in singing it and it’ll likely make you feel vulnerable when you listen to it.  If that makes you uncomfortable, well, they can’t all be Katy Perry-style pop anthems.  Let it take you back to the last time you had your heartbroken and wax nostalgic.  That right there — making the listener feel nostalgic — is where this fits in with Gigi’s other songs we’ve heard so far.



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