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#songoftheday: GIGI ROWE: “COVER ME UP”

Just when you thought Gigi Rowe was only good for retro-tastic, dance-pop magic, she pulls a bright, shiny love dove out of her hat, surprising us all. I had no doubt that she was capable producing a touching ballad, having interviewed her last December and gotten to...
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Butch Walker is one of today's most incredible singer/songwriters and producers. But Ryan Adams produced this track, as well as the rest of Butch's upcoming album Afraid of Ghosts, giving it a haunting hue through which Butch conveys a whole lotta emotion. This mesmerizing number is so...
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VIDEO: Alicia Keys: “We Gotta Pray”

Alicia Keys is one of the greatest songwriters of our time. I don't think there are many people who'd disagree with that. And if you do disagree, chances are you'll change your opinion after watching this emotive video and listening to her inspirational lyrics. You...
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It doesn't get prettier than this beautiful new charity single by the always wonderful Pixie Lott. It might not be a Christmas song specifically, but we'll be adding it to our Christmas playlist here at the office nevertheless....
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