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#songoftheday Stefanie Sun [孫燕姿]- Kepler [克卜勒]

Stefanie Sun's "Kepler" is a beautiful, mid-tempo C-Pop -- that's Cantonese pop -- ballad, which begins with mellow guitars. Guitars that initially sound acoustic, but then there's a bit of a twang there and it starts to sound like an American country ballad with electric slide guitar....
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Well, well, well, it's another brilliant track from St. Vincent's new self-titled album. This time it's a gorgeous downtempo ballad that finds the songstress singing, "I prefer your love to Jesus." Sacrilege? Perhaps. But so, so precious. Her voice has never sounded so...
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Frankmusik is known for his thumping, club-ready, electronic music, but his new single is a gorgeous, piano ballad and an epic one at that. Well, OK, there is an electronic element eventually, but that doesn't come into play until the song is over halfway over. By...
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VIDEO: Laura Pausini – “Dove resto solo io”

Such a gorgeous and epic ballad. Love how it starts off subtle and gradually grows more and more intense, allowing Laura to gradually roll out the emotion and expand her always hugely impressive voice. And those soaring strings are remarkable, too.
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