#songoftheday = BIFFY CLYRO: “RE-ARRANGE”

My favorite song from Biffy Clyro’s latest album now has a video.  I wish it showed the other guys a bit more, but then this one is kind of like a Simon Neil solo project, since he is the voice and the guitars and most of what else you hear is programmed.  When I interviewed Ben Johnston he told me that he didn’t even want to add anything to the song because what was there was already so perfect.  I’m glad he put his touch on some of it, but it’s quite obvious that we’re hearing mostly programmed beats still.

Some will argue that Biffy sold out with this one, since it’s not only from their most mainstream album but a top 40 ready ballad that could land them legions of pop fans.  I’d have to disagree because even if the song does get them some mainstream attention they’re already pretty darn popular in the UK and if anyone loves “Re-Arrange” and decides they want to hear more they’re quickly going to find themselves listening to some fine alternative rock, at which point they’ll either love it or forget about the band.  In other words, if they get lasting fans out of this it’s only because whoever hears this first falls in love with their back catalog, not purely on the basis of this song.



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