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#songoftheday: GIGI ROWE: “COVER ME UP”

Just when you thought Gigi Rowe was only good for retro-tastic, dance-pop magic, she pulls a bright, shiny love dove out of her hat, surprising us all. I had no doubt that she was capable producing a touching ballad, having interviewed her last December and gotten to...
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When it comes to indie singer/songwriter Emm Gryner, I always have very high expectations. This might have something to do with the fact that her album Northern Gospel was my #1 album of 2011 and that her album Torrential was my #12 album of 2014. Suffice to say she’s one of my favorites,...
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VIDEO: Laura Pausini – “Dove resto solo io”

Such a gorgeous and epic ballad. Love how it starts off subtle and gradually grows more and more intense, allowing Laura to gradually roll out the emotion and expand her always hugely impressive voice. And those soaring strings are remarkable, too.
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On November 29, 2013, Britney Spears will drop her eighth studio album, the highly anticipated Britney Jean. “Perfume” is the second single from the album, following September’s divisive single “Work Bitch,” which seemed to be hated more than it was loved (at least among people I know). Well, fans who thought “Work Bitch”...
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