#songoftheday / #amlistening = DOE PAORO: “SILVER SPRINGS”

It’s no secret that singer/songwriter Doe Paoro is one of my favorite artists. If you frequent this site, you undoubtedly know that I regularly interview her. So, it should come as no surprise that I’m in love with her cover of the Stevie Nicks’ classic “Silver Springs.” Her rendition is just as tender and touching as the original, striking an emotional chord with the listener that artists covering Stevie Nicks are rarely able to do. This video of her recording it in the studio is precious, too. Here’s what Doe wrote about it in her newsletter: ” If you saw me on tour last Winter (hi! and thank you for coming out!), you likely saw my band and I perform this song. “Silver Springs” is a song by Stevie Nicks, and it’s a song that lands on my heart. I went into the studio last summer and cut a version of it with my friend Zac Rae of Death Cab for Cutie on piano.”

On a related note, Doe’s schedule for May is shaping up.

Of the above Ceremony, Doe writes:
I am so excited to share that I will be putting on a performance I have been dreaming about for a few years on May 30th at National Sawdust.  I’ll be singing with a 15-piece, all womxn, pop chamber orchestra called “Little Kruta.” Strings, flutes, harps, drums, choir of angels. This show is produced by “The Hum,” which is a concert series that seeks to help women and non-binary artists present their music, on their terms. Tickets 

Sounds like an amazing show, doesn’t it? But if you can’t catch that, Doe has also booked a couple of shows with KT Tunstall. (We’re crossing our fingers that they wind up writing a song together. On which they’ll duet, of course.)

Finally, did you know that Doe has an Etsy store in which she sells witchy things? Click here to check it out. I love the “Don’t Doubt My Witchcraft” shirts she’s selling.


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  1. Amy Avatar

    Stevie Nicks has one of those voices that just grate on my nerves but she’s a plenty respectable songwriter which I can appreciate even more after hearing Doe Paoro singing her lyrics. Ms. Paoro is gifted indeed.

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