Today Lana Del Rey announced that her forthcoming album will be titled Lust for Life.  Like the Iggy Pop song!  Surely, that’s got to be a nod to Iggy.  Everyone knows that song.  There’s no way Lana just came up with that on her own without knowing about the Iggy Pop song.

Here’s the photo that accompanied the press release:

No word on whether or not this is the album cover.

Watch the trailer on Twitter here:

Here’s what the simple press release said:

‘LOVE’ is the first track to be taken from Lana Del Rey’s forthcoming album , which is due out later this year. The album is a body of work created by Lana and her longtime producer and collaborator Rick Nowels. Producers Benny Blanco and Emile Haynie also participated on ‘LOVE’. The album is also set to include some exciting guest featured artists – full details to be shared at a later date. Of the announcement, Lana said: “I made my first 4 albums for me, but this one is for my fans and about where I hope we are all headed”.


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