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#songoftheday / REVIEW: LANA DEL REY: “WEST COAST”

Lana Del Rey’s red hot new single “West Coast” may, in fact, be at least partially about the West Coast, but it’s like the West Coast via Twin Peaks with its entirely haunting music and her super trippy vocals. Interestingly, the song, which was written by Lana and Rick Nowels, actually gets a...
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PRESS RELEASE: Finnish battle metallers TURISAS will return to North America this week with co-headliners (and fellow Finns) KORPIKLAANI for the fifth installment of the Paganfest America Tour! Some of the finest names in pagan metal, CHTHONIC (Taiwan), VARG (Germany) and WINTERHYMN (USA), will also be joining the two titans on the road...
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#albumoftheday / REVIEW: SALIVA: RISE UP

It seems like most rock fans gave up on Saliva when vocalist Josey Scott left the band. But I was actually kind of glad he left. While I’d loved the first couple of Saliva albums, nothing they’d done since had really grabbed me. Somehow a hair band element had crept into the band...
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#songoftheday / VIDEO: Jamie xx – “Girl”

The xx are known for some fairly dark music, but Jamie xx's new solo tune, "Girl," is a much brighter affair with its chugging bass and shiny synth. It begins very much in the electro-pop vein and quickly morphs into synth pop before it surrenders to a...
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UK producer Stumbleine — aka Peter Cooper — deservedly-earned a reputation as a skillful and even innovative electronic artist during the past few years with intoxicating releases such as his 2012 solo debut, Spiderwebbed, and 2013’s Things Don’t Sparkle Like They Used To. But there was one thing that prevented some listeners from...
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Rather than constantly expanding our April Rules playlist, we decided to simply start a volume 2, which is now long enough for posting.  Once again, the tracks are simply listed in the order they currently appear in, but we may add a few more tracks here and there as the month goes on,...
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