Rather than constantly expanding our April Rules playlist, we decided to simply start a volume 2, which is now long enough for posting.  Once again, the tracks are simply listed in the order they currently appear in, but we may add a few more tracks here and there as the month goes on, and they may be inserted somewhere within this playlist, rather than just stuck at the end, so that they’re where they flow best. Be sure to follow the playlist so you’ll get notifications when we update it.  Or don’t follow it if you hate notifications.  Whatever floats your boat.

We should also mention that some of these songs, like the Estelle track, have very explicit lyrics, so you might not want to listen to this one at work or around your kids or whatever.

Here goes…  Spotify link at the bottom…

Lana Del Rey: West Coast

Elliphant: Look Like You Love It

Pharrell Williams: Brand New

Estelle: Make Her Say (Beat It Up)

Cher Lloyd: Dirty Love

Tune-Yards: Water Fountain

Kelis: Jerk Ribs

Christina Perri & Ed Sheeran: Be My Forever

William Control: Passengers

Paolo Nutini: Scream (Funk Up My Life) – BBC Live Version

Wild Beasts: Mecca

Coldplay: Magic

Jamie xx: Sleep Sound

Breathe Carolina: Bang It Out

Lune: That Day – Last Skeptik Remix

Stumbleine & Violet Skys: We’re Shadows

Ingrid Michaelson: Warpath

Lily Allen: Our Time

Thirty Seconds To Mars: Bright Lights

Pink Mountaintops: North Hollywood Microwaves

Mastodon: High Road

Listen on Spotify now: Love is Pop: April Rules 2014 Vol. 2



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